How can we effectively communicate without being overwhelmed by technology? How can we optimize the information flow without drowning ourselves in it? How can we encourage dialogue and serendipity between departments and teams who do not know each other? Does working remotely really threaten the quality of communication? How can we better collaborate without adding burdensome tasks and constraints?

Never before have the possibilities of communication been so extensive. And yet, good quality communication remains the pet peeve of many organizations. Acute meeting mania, non-existent, insufficient or clumsy feedback, inability to actually be transparent… What we propose here are examples of management innovations that address these specific issues.

All over the world, organizations are thinking and implementing new ways to facilitate interpersonal exchanges: read their stories right here!

Suppressing Meetings: Alan’s Antidote to “meetingitis”

Alan : suppress meetings to promote asynchronous, non verbal and transparent decision-making

Pair programming at Menlo: never work alone

Menlo Innovations : chaque semaine, les développeurs forment de nouveaux binômes

Lean Coffee: a meeting technique used worldwide

Lean Coffees agendas are collaborative: participants submit topics and vote on the issues they want to discuss along the way

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