How can we determine a fair and informed decision-making system? How can we ensure that power is rationally and reasonably distributed? How can we make good decisions while being overflown by information? How can we act quickly when employee participation and consensus have become new watchwords?

To some, a decision-making system perceived as legitimate by all individuals (employees, customers, suppliers, society…) is opposed to efficiency. In short: for being too consensual, you lose your reactivity. However, a balance is necessary. While most middle managers often feel squeezed in between 2 solid blocks, some organizations have succeeded, thanks to managerial innovation, in setting up a system where legitimacy and responsiveness are reconciled.

Discover these innovative practices from around the world here below!

Suppressing Meetings: Alan’s Antidote to “meetingitis”

Alan : suppress meetings to promote asynchronous, non verbal and transparent decision-making

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