How can we attract talents who can choose between so many companies? How can we favor culture and purpose? How can we recruit diversified profiles while ensuring that they will fit into the company’s DNA? As careers have never been so mobile, how can we avoid costly recruitment mistakes? How can we seduce new generations when we are perceived as being the very opposite of what they want?

Today it is no longer just a question of recruiting skills: we must recruit personalities and values. The entire recruitment process is disrupted. Management innovation can meet the need to better identify talents that are no longer just a list of academic skills on resumes. We must attract them by understanding their demands and being flexible and willing to compromise. This must be done while taking into account coworkers who’ve been around for years and haven’t had the same chance… It is also a question of putting these talents to the test, which questions certain methodologies for job interview for example. Finally, they must be supported when they join the company. Find out more below!

Hiring IT experts based on their kindergarten skills

Menlo Innovations: the recruitment process is based on assessing candidates’ kindergarten skills, because after all isn’t that the most important?

Implementing Reid Hoffman’s Alliance at Learn Assembly

A simple way to clarify the expectations on both parties for a trustworthy collaboration

The Idea explores blind job interviews

The Idea: interviews are more authentic when the person interviewed does not know whether he/she’s talking to his future boss, a future coworker or a future subordinate

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