How can we be more responsive without sacrificing quality and profitability? How can we break silos and reorganize hierarchies established over the years? How can we bring together teams that used to work separately? How can we simplify processes perceived as necessary? How can we transform the structure of the organization to be more flexible and responsive?

In the digital age, amidst Lean management and the spreading of agile methodology, the classic Top Down organization is struggling to keep up. The gap between the desire for empowerment and established structures is wider than ever. “Freedom-based“companies, holacracy, self-management, sociocracy, collaborative management, flattened structures… attempts to reinvent organizations through managerial innovations are making headlines, but the reality of their implementation is much more complex. What does working on a “project-centered” or “customer-focused” organization actually mean? How could this “model” be applied? Is it always the best solution for all?

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